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This thesis project will be presented as a dynamic, interactive web site. My plan is to use MySQL/PHP on the backend (familiarity) and JavaScript/HTML5/CSS3 on the front end. Since I am only vaguely familiar with HTML5 and modern web technologies, learning these is a must.

I am hoping to get into a class where I can learn those things, but if not, I will learn it on my own (through tons of online resources, books and experimentation).

As far as the content goes, I am going to try and focus on creating completely two project-based curriculums. I intend to have some of the basics overlap, so I can work on developing the core curriculum and demonstrating how one basic tutorial can be expanded upon in multiple ways. 

As of right now, I am thinking those subjects will be music and art. I will need to contact people in those fields for their regular input and assessment of concepts and ease of understanding. I also would love to be in touch with the Math department because programming uses a lot of math and I would love to know more about the math curriculum and how concepts are taught.

Additional people that I would like to be in touch with about this project:

Books to read:

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